Career in Digital Marketing – Top 9 Demanding Career Opportunities

Career in DIgital Marketing

Introduction to Career in Digital Marketing

Different ways to earn money in the present world.

But the only difference that matters is how hard you work for that.

Hard Work is the Key to Success

Motivational Quote

Yes, hard work never fails you but in the modern world working smart is most important than working hard.

Before coming to our topic let’s take a small peek into the evolution of marketing.

If you are from the early 90’s most of the advertisements are through print media like display boards, pamphlets, newspapers but now the market has evolved most of the advertisements are digitized.

Want to learn more about digital marketing?

Go through my article on What is Digital Marketing there you can find clear picture on evolution of marketing.

With a shift in the markets from traditional to digitalization there is a huge demand for digital marketers. According to research digital marketing is growing 10% faster than traditional marketing and firms that are engaged in digital marketing are twice likely to create jobs than firms aren’t.

A Career in Digital Marketing

There are n number of ways to choose a career in Digital Marketing.

Let’s check the Career opportunities in digital marketing.

  1. Blogging
  2. SEO
  3. Website designing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Mobile marketing
  8. Email marketing
  9. Freelancing

You can even combine all these opportunities are some of them to make a career in digital marketing.

Let’s have a brief look on the above-discussed careers. Are you with me?
I hope you are. Let’s jump into this…


Blogging nowadays blog and websites both are integrating for instance look at Neil Patel website.

Blogging is nothing but a person or group of persons sharing there views on particular or different subjects


With blogging as a career one can integrate the above mentioned all careers in it. A personal blog is very important for every digital marketer.

SEO( Search Engine Optimisation) – Career in Digital Marketing

SEO is the only most effective way to improve organic traffic.

SEO helps us to rank better in search engines. Better ranking leads more traffic.

Coming to a career in SEO, every organization dealing with digital marketing needs an SEO specialist and an SEO manager to ensure the work.

Even there are so many freelancing works available on SEO.


SEO specialist
– A good hands-on SEO tools like SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Search Console, Analytics
– Strong Analytical skills and writing skills

Job responsibilities
– Optimising project to engage user engagement
– Keywords research
– Link Building
– Blog traffic and site analytics reports

SEO Manager
– Strong organizational and communication skills
– Strong knowledge of Google Analytics
– Track record of increasing traffic, site visibility, and improving brand.


– Managing team to ensure on-page, off-page and technical SEO practices are being implemented
– Site architecture and design.
– Monitoring and developing social media content.
– Testing, analyzing, and collecting data and results.
– Identifying SEO trends and insights.

Website Designing- A Career in Digital Marketing

“First impression is the best impression”

Yes, the first impression is always best because it creates some positive feelings/thoughts towards the website. An attractive website will do that for u.

Website designing - A career in digital marketing.
Website designing

You don’t need any software background to create a wonderful website. A good knowledge on wordpress and plugin tools will make the work done for you.

But in large organizations for website designing, they only prefer candidates of software background.

There are even some jobs like visual designers, content designers. These jobs need good hands-on adobe products and a portfolio showing your creativity.

Content Marketing

Content marketing includes content writing, content promotion.

Simply it’s all about creating valuable content and delivering it to the targeted audience and encouraging audience to interact with one’s website.

Landing pages, emails, newsletters, product descriptions, articles all come under content marketing. There is a huge demand for a professional content writer.

Content marketing-A career in digital marketing
Content marketing

You can find jobs like content marketing specialists, content marketing managers and also can freelance as a professional content writer.

Key skills

– Storytelling is the main thing a content writer should possess.
– Excellent writing and grammatical skills.
– Thorough understanding of SEO practices.
– Ability to analyze traffic and conversion data.
– Creating great blog topics and engaging with the audience.
– Familiar with social media platforms and management tools.

Social Media Marketing

Social media nowadays it’s the biggest entertainment platform for everyone

It is expected that by 2023 the total social media users in India would be 448 million.

That’s a great source for building an audience and targeting your audience.

In 2019 about 98.5% of total Facebook global revenue is from ads. By this, you can understand how social media is playing a major role in digital marketing.

Social media Marketing- Career in digital marketing
Socail Media

You can find many Career opportunities in Social Media Marketing. For instance

– Social Media Influencer
Requirements – 1K to 100k Followers
Skills- Ability to acquire social media followers

-Social media Specialist
Skills –
Strong grammar and communication skills.
Good hands-on adobe products.
Social media management tools.
Events management.

-Social Media Manager
Creating social media strategies
Good knowledge of social media management tools
Strong Analytical skills
Expertise in increasing traffic [organic or paid promotion]

The common objective for all those roles is to increase traffic and creating brand awareness.
Engaging with the audience and maintaining a healthy relationship.
Achieving personal/organizational goals.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the huge source of income for a blogger.

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting/selling other products for a price/commission.

Affiliate marketers almost use every channels we are discussing in this article.

Affiliate marketing - Career in DIgital Marketing.
Affiliate Marketing

For Instance-
Want to buy a mobile phone?
Whom we are consulting first? Google right.
There you can find so many articles on the best mobile phones available in the market.
When you open and read an article there you find links like buy on amazon, Flipkart, etc.
That is nothing but an affiliate link If you purchased through it.
The blogger will get a commission.

This is simply Affiliate marketing.
One can create any number of affiliate links in his website and promote them along with the valuable,reliable and relevant content to the audience.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-digital channel advertising strategy for the targeted audience on their smartphones, tablets, or any other mobile devices.

Mobile marketing is a great career in digital marketing. So far it has created so many jobs.

The Jobs like Inside sales, Telesales etc… there are almost 35000+ job openings in Naukri.

Sales pitch plays a major role in mobile marketing.

Not only these there are various kinds of mobile marketing practices are in practice.
For instance –
Application ads pop up[image ads, video ads]
Special offer discount coupons
SMS marketing
Cold Calling, etc…

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy of sending mail to group of targeted people and developing relationship with the customers.

Email marketing is still considered as a effective way of marketing, based on a data report.

The conversion rate of leads through email marketing is more compared to other marketing practices.

Email marketing- Career in digital marketing
Email Marketing

For selling digital courses email are considered as most effective channel of marketing.

There are even some email marketing agencies. They take care of your email ad campaign, analytics and ad metrics.

You can find 7000+ jobs in indeed and 13000+ jobs in Naukri
– Hands-on experience with Marketing Platforms like Mautic, HubSpot, Mandrill, and Mailchimp.
– Demonstrated ability to interpret in-depth analyses and uncover actionable insight
– Excellent written and communication skills, and be extremely detail-oriented
– Monitor, analyze, and report on the email performance metrics and provide suggestions and best practices to increase the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Freelancing – Career in Digital Marketing

Freelancing is simply a kind of creating self employment working on multiple projects from multiple clients.

Most of the digital marketers out there work as a freelancer combining all the channels above discussed.

Some sites also available online where you can work as a freelancer or can hire a freelancer for your work.

Best of them are
1. Freelancer
2. Fiverr

These are the sites most of the freelancers use to find clients.


Every channel we have discussed above are interlinked with one another and combining all those channels will lead you to great success and make you stand out of the crowd.

I Hope you guys have learned something from this article.

For any queries and suggestions you can comment down or you can contact me directly.

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