How to LEARN DIGITAL MARKETING – 7 steps Formula – A Guide to Success

How to learn Digital Marketing

How to LEARN DIGITAL MARKETING? Is this the question on your mind? Check out this article all your doubts will be clarified

Digital Marketing is simply advertising/marketing delivered through digital channels [Social media, Emails, mobile applications and through any other digital channels]

In a recent report, the average American spends almost 4 hours a day watching television, digital formats are taking up almost everything and also the report states the average time spent on magazines and newspapers was only eight and nine minutes.

This report shows the importance of digital marketing and all you need is to target your audience and create an effective strategy to promote or sell your products directly.

Today’s topic is all about How to learn digital marketing and the process you should go on to achieve success in it. Let’s jump into the topic.

What is Digital Marketing?

First of all you need to know what is digital marketing and how one can be benefited through it.

I had written a another article on this article just go and take a look for more information.

Now coming to our topic

For a beginner in digital marketing, I advise you one thing you cannot learn digital marketing by seeing and reading articles. You need to do practice on it and you should have some passion for it.

How to Learn digital marketing – Step By Step Formula

Learn digital marketing
  1. Website
  2. Choose your niche
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. Targeting your audience
  5. Promoting your website
  6. Measure your results
  7. Integrating Buyers Behaviour


For every digital marketer, the website is the most important thing. All his work reflects on his website.

Even for new beginners in digital marketing website is where one can practice.

During childhood in elementary we are given slate and pencil, later book and pen and for a digital marketer it is website where we can practice, rise and shine.

Design your website
Design your website

For creating a website you need to invest some amount of money for buying a domain and hosting. You can also contact me if you have any doubts about it. I will give suggestions to you to the best of my knowledge.

I will post another blog article on the Website where you can find how to purchase a domain and hosting, Installing WordPress necessary tools for a website.

Choose Your NICHE

The next thing is choosing what you’re passionate about or what you are interested in it.

This is your niche or simply your blog all about. You can start writing articles on it on your website.

Search engine optimization- SEO most important part of this article How to learn digital marketing

SEO plays a vital role in digital marketing.

SEO is simply ranking, everyone thrives for the better rank right.

For instance – You ran a independent washing machine retailer had e-commerce store and competing with the great brands like IFB.

Then SEO is the only thing you have to look after and make sure your page is ranking on the first page of Google or any other search engine so that you can drive more traffic.

SEO optimization
Search engine optimization=SEO

SEO can be divided into two categories ON-PAGE AND OFF-PAGE

ON-PAGE SEO involves techniques you perform on your own website and includes techniques like content optimization, choosing proper URL structure, internal links, outbound links, improving the site speed, dividing your content with side headings and keywords, title tags

OFF-PAGE SEO – This is mainly about creating strong backlinks to your website because this says to GOOGLE that your website is authoritative, relevant, and valuable which helps in higher ranking of your website.

Let’s talk more about ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE SEO in different articles.

Targeting your Audience through promotions

Traffic is the most important thing for any website and content on the website drives more traffic
Your content must add value to the user.

To reach your website to the audience you should create some means of transport to it that is nothing but promotion.

  1. Identifying your Audience
  2. Creating your prospect
  3. Sharing the content you have created
  4. Engaging in conversations
  5. Responding to the queries and problems
  6. Promoting your website/brand through advertising


Social Media
Social media advertising

Advertising/Promoting can be done in many ways. For Instance-
Social media marketing
Email marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

I will discuss this part with another article in detail.

Measuring results

This is the most important thing every digital marketer must and should follow.

The great thing about online digital marketing is everything that can be measured, tracked, and take necessary actions in order to achieve better results.

For instance, when you posted an ad on Facebook you can manage everything through the Facebook Business Manager. It clears shows your ad performance, metrics, and engagement with the audience.

So that you can compare your analytics and improve your performance.
The same is true with all your email marketing, SEM, and other strategies.

Even Google provides GOOGLE ANALYTICS and GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE to measure and monitor your website.

Buyers Behavior

This is the last step of our article How to learn digital marketing.

Buyers online behavior may be classified into three types

  1. Pre-Purchase
  2. Consideration stage
  3. Decision making
Buyers behaviour
Image Source – Tutorialspoint

As a digital marketer, it’s important to measure buyer behavior and tailor the content according to it.

During the first stage, the pre-purchase buyer looks for the need the content on our website should be general and informative.

In the second stage buyers researches multiple options to choose the best fit for them and at this stage our content should focus on how our product can solve their issues.

Final stage is decision making where our content can get more branded and promotional while focusing on the buyers problem.

The thing is we need to sell his need to him content should be tailored like that.


Digital marketing is all about how smart you work.

It’s all about creating content that the audience wants and promoting your website to the target audience through proper and effective means.

The content has to be tailored and personalized to your segmented audience and should always measure your results and improvise, innovate daily in order to achieve success.

It is clear that Digital marketing is the only way to promote your business to the whole world where individuals are spending major time of their day using devices

Every topic in this article will be discussed clearly and more elaborately with other articles. There you can have a more clear picture of it.

I hope you guys have learned something today with this article How to learn digital marketing. Keep checking my website for more articles.

Comment me below for any suggestions and feedback. You can also connect me through Facebook and Instagram. Contact me

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