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As I said in the previous article, SEO is divided into two parts
1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO

On-Page SEO something you have control over, but that is not in the case of Off-Page SEO.
Note – Very few off page SEO practices you have control over like Google My Business

Simply, Off page seo is anything that done outside the website in order to improve the ranking of the website.

Importance of Off Page SEO

Google also considers many off page factors while deciding ranking of the website.

The major part of Off Page SEO is link building.

That is because Big G works on algorithm PageRank , that is it looks after the quality and quantity of website pointing towards the website

Backlinks are the most crucial party of the Off Page SEO but there are also other factors.

Backlinks do not only give a little SEO boost but they also have some hidden benefits like drive more traffic to our website, increased brand promotion, and credibility.

Main Factors of OFF Page SEO

Off Page SEO factors
OFF Page SEO Factors

These are the main factors of Off Page SEO

Referring Domains

Number of domains referring to the website is a direct factor for ranking high.

You can check number of backlinks for a website Ahrefs Free backlink check

Page Authority

Not all links are equal. Quality of website from which we getting back links matters.

The backlink from a has more value than

Page authority is a metric where we can see the quality of the website. The high the authority it passes the high value to the linking website.

You can check page authority score in many tools out there
For Instance
1. Neil Patel
2. Ahrefs
3. MOZ

Follow Links

Google does not include nofollow links(i.e.,links with a rel=”nofollow” in pagerank)

Most links are follow links. Few websites like forbes make all the outbound links as nofollow.


The organic traffic is also a factor.

Links from pages with more organic traffic has more value than the links from pages that has organic traffic with low or no organic traffic.

A High Quality Backlink worth extra efforts

As it gives us ROI like SEO Boost, Traffic, Brand Promotion, etc.,

7 Best OFF PAGE SEO Tactics

These are the techniques, I personally follow and I recommend you to follow for better OFF Page SEO.

  1. Directories Submission
  2. Testimonials/Reviews
  3. Social Bookmarking.
  4. Monitoring People
  5. Press Release
  6. Article Submission
  7. Bloggers Outreach

Lets go more deeper into it

Directories Submission

Directories is a process of submitting your website URL in different directories or databases.

While listing you need to take care of under which category you are listing. You need to list on most appropriate category that suits for you to get most advantage of it.

Web Directories Google Search Result
Web Directories Google Search result

Advantages of directory submission
1. They display your website for every related search query you will get huge exposure to the new audiences.
2. Some directories give do-follow backlinks which help with your ranking.
3. Regular directory submission helps in ranking.
4. Ranking helps more traffic and improve Page authority.

Testimonial / Reviews

This is so easy to get a backlink for your website.

Just go to your favourite website and write a good review to them.

Every person even you and me refers to reviews of the product before purchasing them.

For Instance Check out HubSpot , They have huge and seperate page for customer testimonials

Hubspot Customer Testimonial

In the image you can find the Client testimonial/review to the Hubspot

In that testimonial you can find the ANCHOR Texts(clickable words redirecting to other websites/pages)

That’s a good quality backlink for your 5 mins of time.

Websites like these have high page authority as they are global companies dealing with millions of clients.

You can look after these websites and can get a free high quality backlink by leaving testimonials.

Social Bookmarking

Have you ever come across a valuable article?

Which would help for your career and probably you want to save it and come back later to spend more time on it.

This is what social bookmarking does. You can save your article and come back later and read it.

Simply , It’s a process of saving a specific webpage in a social bookmarking site so that you can revisit it later.
Social bookmarking sites allows the user to access those from any device at anytime.

These are some of the Social Bookmarking Sites :
1. Pocket
2. Reddit
3. Pinterest
5. Medium
6. Slashdot
7. Digg, etc.

All you need to do is submitting your blogs and website to these most popular social bookmarking sites.
They will generate more traffic and backlinks to your website.

Monitoring People

Yeah may be there is a chance people already talking about you out there

They may be mentioning your name and forgetting to link you.

All you need to do is just spotting it and making a followup.

Wondering how to spot it?

Our Big G has a tool for it. i.e, Google Alerts. All you need to do is search with your name or your brand.

Google Alerts Dashboard
Google Alerts

Just sending the users (who mentioning your name and forgot to link) a friendly reminder like
Appreciation for mentioning you
and a link would be more lovely.

Note- This is only for the websites, companies, or persons who are from a long time. The beginners and startups may not find this so useful.

Press Release

Press release is submitting your articles on various media channels. It improves inbound traffic of potential customers to your website

Advantages of Press Release
– Improves potential traffic
– Creates trust among the users as your name is published on media channels
– Gives high quality backlink
– Increases brand awareness and credibility
– Instant results helps in generating new leads, clients and investors to your website.

Press release website insights

In order to achieve the above all mentioned advantages you need to target correct audience and keywords.

Some of websites provide first PR for free you need to sort them out and make best use of them.

These are some go the famous free press release sites in 2020

  1. Online PR News
  2. PR Log
  3. Press ReleasePoint
  5. PR Fire
  6. Newswire Today
  7. PR Sync

The Paid press release sites will give you huge results than you expected. Some of those sites are

  1. Newswire
  3. eReleases
  4. Pressat
  5. PR Newswire
  6. PR Underground
  7. MarketWired
  8. 24-7 PressRelease

Article Submission

Article submissions refer to writing articles about your website or business and submitting them on your famous article submission directories

These are some of the famous article submission directories


Advantages of Article Submission –

  • High-quality backlinks as the article submission directories perform well in google with millions of traffic.
  • Generates new customers, improves brand awareness and credibility
  • Huge traffic source
  • Improves the visibility in online
  • Free marketing, Large exposure, and reach

Bloggers Outreach

Most important and effective way of OFF PAGE SEO

In simple this is asking other bloggers out there to give a backlink for you.

How to find out other bloggers ? Is this your question

Don’t worry guys there are so many bloggers out there has done this work for you.All you need to do is just ask Mother Google.

For Instance if you are a fitness blogger just go and search in google like top fitness sites

Google search result for top fitness sites
Google search result for top fitness sites

Collect the data from these websites make a spreadsheet to prioritize the websites that you need to contact based on the website page authority.

After you are done with it Send a warm up mail to the respective blogger and encourage him to respond. Don’t ask for a backlink in the very first conversation eventually go for it.

Guest Blogging

This is the indirect way of approaching for backlinks.
Guest blogging is offering a blog article on his website. The hidden benefit in this is you make outbound links redirecting to your website.

Offering something in return for a backlink

This is the straight forward way of approaching a blogger for backlinks.
The offer may be of any form (monetary, products, promotion, etc.,)

The backlink may create you new audience, brand awareness and promotion of your website, You can also help the other by promoting his/her website. Just make it a give and take Relationship and most important thing is you need to maintain that relationship.


Off Page SEO is harder than On page SEO as we don’t have control over it.

You need to put efforts for high quality backlinks and sure your efforts will be paid off with the hidden benefits of that backlink.

Good backlinks boosts your seo and helps in better ranking.

I hope this article on OFF PAGE SEO solved your queries

Comment down if i missed any and your views on this article

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