Types of Digital Marketing – Top 11 Channels – Detailed Guide

Types of digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Before getting into our topic Types of Digital Marketing. Let’s see a short notes about digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Simply we can define this as marketing efforts using the internet plus electronic devices.

Why Digital Marketing?

While traditional marketing might revolve around print ads, phone communication, or physical marketing, digital marketing can occur electronically and online. So, digital marketing gives you several endless possibilities for brands including email, video, social media, or website-based marketing opportunities. You can reach any part of the world and sell your product online using digital marketing.


Types of digital marketing
Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Native Advertising
  8. Marketing Automation
  9. Online PR
  10. Inbound Marketing
  11. Sponsored Content

Here’s is a quick view of some of the most important types of digital marketing channels. 

Let’s get started!

1) Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

The organic digital marketing channels get all its traffic that comes from search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo.com, or Yahoo.

 If you want more traffic, invest in search engine optimization (SEO). When searching for a specific topic or product people will come to your site if its position among the top results of the search pages.

There are several ways to approach SEO to generate qualified traffic to your website. It includes;

A) On-Page SEO: 
This type of SEO focuses on all of the content that exists “on the page” when looking at a website.

B) Off-page SEO: 
This type of SEO focuses on all of the activity that takes place “off the page” when looking to optimize your website.

c)Technical SEO: 
This type of SEO focuses on the backend of your website, and how your pages are coded.

2) Content Marketing

Content Marketing is to generate brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation, and customers. The content marketing channel includes all website traffic that comes from your blog, videos, and digital downloads such as buying guides.

The channels that can play a part in your content marketing strategy include:

Blog posts

EBooks and whitepapers


3) Social Media Marketing

Social Media Channels or platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snap chat, Pinterest are used to promote your brand or to connect and increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for your business.

Social Media Marketing

The Channels you used in Social media marketing includes:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Instagram.
  • Snapchat.
  • Pinterest.

4) Pay Per Click ( PPC )

PPC is a method of driving traffic to your website by paying a publisher every time your ad is clicked. The paid search digital marketing channel includes all website traffic that comes from paid ads on search engines. One of the most common types of PPC is Google Ads, which allows you to pay for top slots on Google’s search engine results pages at a price “per click” of the links you place. 

PPC Includes:

Paid ads on Facebook

Twitter Ads campaigns

Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn  

5) Affiliate Marketing:

This is a type of performance-based advertising where you receive a commission on all completed orders for promoting someone else’s products or services on your website.

Affiliate marketing channels include:

  • Hosting video ads through You Tube Programme.
  • Posting affiliate links from your social media accounts.

6) Email Marketing :

Companies generally use email marketing to communicate with their audience. Email is often used to promote content, discounts, and events, as well as to direct people toward the business’s website.

Email marketing
Email Marketing

This Email marketing or Email messages can be a part of:

  • Blog subscription newsletters.
  • Promotional email campaigns ( ex. Diwali sale, New year sale )
  • Follow-up emails to website visitors who downloaded something.
  • Triggered email campaigns (ex: shopping cart abandonment emails
  • Transactional email campaigns (ex: order confirmation email)
  • Customer welcome emails.
  • Holiday promotions to loyalty program members.
  • Tips or similar series of emails for customer nurturing.

There are some automation softwares like getresponse, Mailchimp, Send in blue etc where you can manage all your mails and send customised emails to the subscribers.

Get Response Banner

7) Native Advertising:

Native advertising refers to advertisements that are primarily content-led and featured on a platform alongside other, non-paid content.

Many People also consider social media advertising as native such as Facebook Advertising or Instagram Advertising.

8) Marketing Automation:

Marketing Automation software serves the purpose to automate your basic marketing operations. 

Instead of doing tasks manually, many Marketing departments can automatically repeat the tasks.

9) Online PR:

 Online PR is much like traditional PR but in the online space.

With the help of digital publications, blogs, and other content-based websites Online PR practices to secured earn online coverage.

The channels you can use to maximize your PR efforts include:

Reporter outreach via social media

Engaging comments on your website or blog

Engaging online reviews of your company

10) Sponsored Content:

When you as a brand pay another company or entity to create and promote content then that comes under Sponsored Content.

There are two types of Sponsored Content:

  1. Influencer Marketing: 
    A brand sponsors an influencer in its industry to publish posts or videos related to the company on social media.

2) Blog Post or article:
It is written to highlight a topic, service, or brand.

11) Inbound Marketing:

When at every stage of the buyer’s journey you attract, engage, and delight customers that methodology is Inbound marketing.

You can use any digital Marketing Tactics listed above to create a customer’s experience.

some classic examples of inbound marketing versus traditional marketing are:

  • Blogging vs. pop-up ads
  • Video marketing vs. commercial advertising
  • Email contact lists vs. email spam

Final Thoughts

These are the various types of digital marketing channels.

As the world is going digital everywhere there is a huge growth and demand for digital marketers.

I hope this article provides solution for your answers.

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